Monday, January 26, 2009

And The Award Goes To....

Uhummm, *tap tap* this thing on?

I Megan, not Megan, would like to thank Leann at Surviving Parenthood for giving me this beautiful award. I am honored and grateful for her kind words and nice thoughts even though I am random and weird. I'm thankful she, and all of you, can appreciate that on some days, who am I kidding most days, my mind is mush and that mush gets spewed out here.

She also revealed her love for Bic Mechanical Pencils and anyone who loves Bic Mechanical Pencils as much as I do must be a wonderful person and have a good head about them. Here's to you Leann*raising a bottle*, and thanks for the award. *a bottle of formula that it is*

Sorry to cut this speech short, but I smell a faint odor of rotten prunes and it can be none other than Cooper. Yes, yes, he indeed pooped his diaper. And yes, yes, it indeed came out the top.

But before I change him, I mean who am I kidding, the poop is already everywhere so what's the hurry, I need to bestow this award to 3 other Kreativ Bloggers.

Daniele at Life As A Mom
Jessica at C, J, & B Moore
Nicole at Knox Family

I love you all and now I must change Cooper...


  1. You deserve lots of awards! I love reading your blog. You always make me laugh.

  2. Thank you, better get on that. I am so far behind on everything even when I am stuck at home. Thanks again.


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