Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Storm Boredom

The animals in my backyard.

Since it's so cold and icy out and I, along with my neighbors, stood and watched people wreck their cars all afternoon in front of my house, decided to post about the animals/creatures that frequent the backside of my casa. (What the two have in common, cars sliding and animals, I have no idea.)

Below is a woodpecker.
This was a nice, slightly warm day, and he's doing what every other woodpecker, not on drugs, does for food-drills holes in my tree.
Normal woody. (enter the sound Woody Woodpecker made.)

Woodpecker not on drugs, just on bugs.

Enter Exhibit A.

"What is that?" you ask.That would be the woodpecker...
... on drugs. (enter Keanu Reeves voice in 'Bill and Ted's') "Waoow, dude, totally upside down eating something... Hah, dude a persimmon, totally. Where's the tree? Ohh, dude it's like a rock, totally." (trees are frozen) Any questions?

Below is...
the squirrel who is on hallucinogens. "Whach-you lookin' at? Are you a penguin?"

And the duck, who lives in a local pond, who has had so much bread his hair is whacked.
"Quack, ladies, really it will grow back normally, ladies?"

Stay warm.

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  1. I hate ice but love snow. At least you can get out in it without falling on your butt. There is only so much you can do to entertain before you start to go crazy.


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