Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brown Bear

When I'm on the computer, which is in Coop's room, he usually is sleeping, but if he isn't then this is what he'll do.
Stare at me with his wee-beedy eyes. *said with an Irish accent*
On this day of my birth, yesterday, I was sitting at the computer, which is in Coop's room. He was making a lot of racket, as usual, but this time I turned around. This is what I found.

"Hi buddy." I said. This is only the second time he has gotten himself to sitting. So it was exciting. He looked so comfy and content that I snapped a few photos, had a good laugh and continued my business on the computer. No, I didn't undo his legs, he was just chillin'. Don't worry had I left the room I would have. (Chloe was at school in case you were wondering how I was able to sit at the computer.)

There's a children's book titled 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear.' I'd love to tell who wrote it, but Chloe tore the front cover off and ate it. In her defense,she was totally just one, and is much older and wiser now. These days she only chews on my phone.

The story reads, brown bear, brown bear what do you see? (Turn the page.) I see a red bird looking at me. The story continues with each animal saying what they see.

I tell you this because only moments later, after Coop's dangling leg moment, did I hear Coop again. This time it was like he was saying, "MOM LOOK AT ME!!" Only I heard, "dada, nanana, blah blah, mamamamamama, dadadadad....." But I just had this feeling he was really trying to get my attention, "What is it Lassie?" Is the feeling I had.

Enter my version of Brown Bear.

Megan, Megan what do you see?
I see a Cooper looking at me.

He did this on my birthday. What a nice gift. I wonder if this means he'll be a good gift giver when he gets older?


  1. I want to squish those cheeks!

  2. How cute is that! It is so wonderful to watch them stand for the first time! I love those little legs hanging out, just chilling and watching the day go by.

  3. To sweet, love those thighs!!!

  4. His smile is the cutest thing ever!

  5. Happy Late Birthday! That's is super cute. He is getting really big!

  6. What a cute kid. Hope to see you this week if the weather is good.


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