Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let's Get Physical, Physical

Since it is just too much to haul the kids to the Y to work out, I attempted to do a few things in the living room. Chloe thinks it's very funny and she does her best to mimic my actions.

Here's Chloe doing her rendition of a sit-up, followed by a beautiful attempt at push-ups and then jumping jacks. Note: I do not do them the same as her. Another Note: I am so sorry for the poor lighting and terrible quality. Lighting in our house stinks and cell phones make horrible camcorders.


Ok, so I think she's totally hillarious and I can't stop watching it. The way she does her sit-ups or head banging is too funny.

Again, apologies for the quality. I need to invest in a camcorder.

Have a good day and remember to exercise!


  1. Super, I can handle that kind of workout...does she have a video for sale? :)

  2. She is too much!! I would make the drive up to B-ville to take her class =) Speaking of class...I have 2 hours of a good butt wooping scheduled for this evening. Knowing that I'll be coming home about 1400 calories lighter makes it all worth it though.


  3. The head banging is awesome!


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