Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Photo's

Recently, you guys voted on which picture I should have framed. This is the final result, picture C was framed and is now hanging in our tiny house. I told Matt that it's probably too big for the size of our house, but I don't care. There used to be a large decorative mirror there. We just removed the mirror and put the picture there. It freaked Chloe out when she first saw it. It's like seeing a life size picture of you hanging on the wall. Thanks again Betsy!!

The two tulip pictures that were chosen, I entered in Tulsa Garden Center's Portraits of a Garden Contest. (click on that link to see the winner) I didn't win, but it was fun to go and see my pictures. There were so so many good pictures. The good thing is I know what to expect for next year.

I thought the rules implied the garden shots had to be of your garden. Wrong. It looked like people took photos of anything and entered it. I wanted to enter my waterfall picture in the 'water feature' exhibit, but didn't because it wasn't my garden. If I had entered it, I probably could have won a ribbon. The man that won 'Best In Show' took a photo of a hummingbird moth drinking from a flower! I took a video of it. The picture is incredible. This guy made me jealous. He won a lot of ribbons, he and another guy cleaned house. The guy that won Best In Show is from Bartlesville.

As we were walking out of the Garden Center I said to Matt, "I'm jealous of that guy! I want to call him up and have him teach me how to take pictures like that." I was serious. Soo I am doing the next best thing. I will be enrolling in a class at the tech center. A basic photography class. I think I am hindering my creative ability by not knowing the full capacity of my camera.


  1. I'm very impressed that you entered a photo in a contest. Good luck with you photog class, I hope you learn tons. And your family pic turned out great. Such a good-looking family!

  2. Of course I meant you! I love your blog! It's always entertaining to me. I love poop, and people who talk about it.


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