Monday, January 19, 2009

Chloe's Journal

Chloe one year ago.

When Chloe turned one, on August 11, 2007, I remember thinking, "What am I going to write in now?" I was referring to her baby book. The one I bought her only was for the first year. Then the light bulb, that tends to flicker off and on all day long, shone brightly! I'll start a journal for her!! *Laaaa*(that's the angelic voices singing)

I've journaled for a long time, as I have mentioned before. Before Matt and I were married, I would write down my thoughts, feelings and God moments from that day. I have to get stuff off my chest or I can't sleep. Now I journal and Matt gets them on our anniversary. I haven't been writing in it as much because I really enjoy blogging.

So I have been keeping journals for Chloe. Once Coop turns one, I'll do the same. I ran across last year's today and looked at some of the entries. Here is one from this time last year.

January 15, 2008 Tues. 10:30pm Chilly outside

Your dad took you with him tonight to Bible Study. I got to just stay here alone. It was kind of nice. Your dad left early though. He said you kept blowing kisses to people and saying hi. He thought you were distracting. :) He said it was funny though.

Not much going on. I'm getting bigger as are you though. :) You love to kiss on my belly and rub it. The baby kicks you b/c you tend to push on it, but you don't realize you're getting kicked. Although one day you were sitting beside me and the baby would kick you in the side and you thought it was my hand b/c you kept trying to grab what was hitting you :) You'd reach between us, but nothing was there.

It's supposed to get really cold and nasty tomorrow.

In the world, all the talk is about the Presidential race. We vote in Nov. Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama are the 2 front runners for the Dem's and Mitt Romney and I can't think of the others are the Repub.'s.

I love you so much honey. The both of us do. We pray SO hard for you as a woman of God. We hope you grow up to love and serve Him wholeheartedly!!!

XO Mom

(If things and or names are mispelled.... I typed it exactly how I wrote it.)

Have a good day!


  1. I wish I would have thought to do this for my kids. But I guess it's never too late to start.


  2. Very cute! She will love these when she gets older. I am so behind on baby books it is unbelievable.


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