Friday, January 2, 2009

Let's Put It To A Vote

When it comes to decisions in life, I'm fairly decided on most things. "Do you want to eat at Red Lobster or Zio's?" Someone may ask. "Zio's hands down." I hate water grown food. "Wal-Mart or K-Mart?" Might be another question. "Wal-Mart!" For a curve ball, "Wal-Mart or Target?" I would say, "Target." But B'ville is Target-less. Another question that was top of the 'question everyone list' in college. "Do you lean to the left or the right?" I'm a left leaner. (What does that mean? Well, I'm not gonna say, you have to figure that out.)

I have found a decision neither Matt nor I can make... Which family picture do we choose?(My friend Betsy, took these. She did so good I can't decide.)

We want to have one of our family shots blown up to 20x30 so we can hang it in our house. I asked Matt to pick between the ones I have below and he can't decide.

Vote on the sidebar on right.





I am also going to print one or two of the flower pictures below. (I snapped these.) The flower pictures will not be for me, but I want the two that are the most elegant and pretty. If you don't like any of them, say that as well. Be honest, I need honesty. The flower pictures will be 8x10.






Voting ends January 6th at 2:00pm cst. You can choose more than one on the flower pics because I will probably print two.

Please send people this way to vote. I need more than 6 votes to really help with my decision. They don't have to come back! Just vote and leave. (I'd like for them to return, but there is no obligation to return required.)


  1. They are all good but the third or (c) family picture is my favorite and the first and third flower pictures are gorgeous.

  2. I voted for 'd' for your family shot. My favorite one is c but I think if you're going to have it blown up that big you all should be looking at the camera. What if you got the other 3 in a smaller size and put them in a 3 picture frame and hung them somewhere else near the main pic? I like that idea with whatever pic you choose.

  3. need to make a change...I voted for c but I like d. Don't know if that matters.

  4. I voted!! Your family is so beautiful!! I voted for the one with Chloe kissing your head. Adorable!! Got your email about the cd! SO glad you are enjoying it! I love that you are a music lover!

  5. Wait....I don't know why I thought she was kissing your head. My bad! ;)

  6. I like C for the family picture b/c you can see all of your faces but (but really all of them are really cute). I like 2 & 3 of the flower pictures. Good luck making your decision, too bad your family is so cute that you can't decide which one to pick, rough life. :)

  7. I love them all!!!!

    I chose c and 2.

  8. I chose D b/c that smirk on Coopers face is awesome, and I love your smile in it. I also chose #2

  9. I like b! and for the flowers I like 1!
    Hope you can make a decision...they are all so good!

  10. I like all of your family pics but I really think D would look better blown up because your family fills out the entire is soooo cute!

    As for the flower picture, I like number 5 because the background less busy. They are all very beautiful though.


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