Monday, January 5, 2009

Thanks Friends

I just want to thank everyone for voting and helping me make an informed decision. I had to shut the voting down early because Hobby Lobby is having their framing sale this week! So I need to make sure I get my pictures in before the week is over.

The votes broke down like this: A=0 ,B=3 ,C=4 ,D= 4 Flowers: 1=3 , 2= 3, 3= 2, 4= 1, 5=2

I took the ones that got the most votes and picked between them.

The picture that will grace our wall is........
I really love the other interactive ones, but Kara left a comment, "You can see all your faces." I agree. C will be put in a black frame and probably behind a black matte. I'm still undecided on that, I'll take your advice. I think the matte will hide a little of the 'side ground' and zero in on us.

I'm still printing the others, not sure where they will go since our house is smaller than the inside of our minivan. Matt will probably take one to work and I will give one to my MIL.

The flower pictures I will be using are 1&/or 2 and 3. I am going to print them in the 8x10 size so I will see which one of 1 & 2 will look ok. If they both look good I will use them both. If I crop picture number 3, it will look really good. The busy background disappears once cropped. I have the option of using three pictures in my plan, so I might end up doing that!




Thanks for every one's comments and compliments. Sure was nice and very helpful. If I don't chicken out on my plans with the flower pictures I will let you know what I did with them.

My creative thinking/ writing tank is slightly on E. I'm not sure what to write about or do next. The other day I had a title in my head it was, "Finkle is Eihnhorn! Eihnhorn is Finkle!" But I can't remember what I was going to say!!! I'm sure it was going to be funny. Maybe I will remember...ohh the joys of a mother's brain; mush.


  1. I think the black mat is a fantastic idea. And I can't wait to see/hear what you do with the flower pictures.

  2. Sounds like you have some good ideas! On the mocha I believe it said you can add a couple of tablespoons to your espresso. I am sure it would taste great in coffee I am still debating on going back a getting me some.

  3. Forgetfulness....are you pregnant?

  4. Just wanted to check back and see what pics you couldn't have gone wrong with any of them though. The final products will be beautiful!


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