Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cable & Birth Commonalities

I recently had our cable plan upgraded. We had the 'lifeline' plan which include ALL the church channels, the network stations,PBS (praise God for Sesame Street still being on), and a few random others. I think it went to 23 and we had partial viewing of 24.

Now channel 24 is ESPN.

When the cable guy connected our cable, we were able to see ESPN. Was it clear? No, it was in black and white. Was there sound? No, we watched it on mute. Did this drive Matt crazy? Yes, especially if football teams were wearing uniforms that were white, which is just about every game, it made it difficult to distinguish 'your' team from the enemy.

This football season, Matt had had enough. So one day while he was at work, I called and had it upgraded to channel 59!!! So now that includes ALL the purple haired lady I can handle, the networks, the psycho politically partial to one party or another channels, ESPN & ESPN 2, Food Network (Yah), Discovery (Yah), AND TLC (WAHOOO).

So TLC has the famous 'John and Kate Plus 8' show. Which I had never seen, but now love. Even Matt likes it.

TLC also has the 'watching other women give birth, go through excruciating pain, all while being filmed' show. Before kids, this show gave me nightmares. After kids, this show gives me nightmares.

I don't know about other woman who have squeezed a baby out their 'hoody hoo' but there is something wrong with this show.

I CAN NOT WATCH IT!! I have tried. All the screaming, and screaming and screaming is a little too much for me.

Did I scream while in labor? I asked Matt this question because I didn't think I did, but I had to make sure.

"Hey Matt. Did I scream and moan while giving birth?"
"Uhh, with Chloe you screamed until the Doctor told you to shut up. Then you told him, 'shut up and that he was killing you'. He then replied with, 'Please, lets be realistic.' With Cooper.. No, you were really quiet. I can remember you pushing and no one was counting b/c we were ALL focused on the baby coming out and you opened one eye and looked at us like you were saying, 'Hello? Do you want me to keep pushing.' But no you were really quiet with him."
"Ok, I remember yelling with Chloe, but that was because I didn't have an epidural. I didn't think I yelled with Cooper. And I do remember everyone forgetting about the woman who was doing ALL the work. Thanks by the way."
"No problem. Good job by the way."
"Ya, I know."

My point to all this reliving of the past? I can't watch the 'scream and moan and push' show. I have tried to be all "ohh, this is so sweet and beautiful."

No, it's not happenin'. I'd rather watch 'Word World.'


  1. yay for cable! I used to watch the birth stories alllllll the time. the trick is to mute it during the pushing scene. LOL

  2. "Before kids, this show gave me nightmares. After kids, this show gives me nightmares."

    That's awesome. As are the lines: "Good job by the way. Ya, I know."

  3. I like the show, but if the women are too dramatic, I get mad at them. Since I am a mom and I know its painful, I am not sure why I get mad, but I do. Its just so uncomfortable to watch. But I hang in there til I can find out the name. I want to know what these people and this dramatic mom are going to name their new spawn. Sometimes I even guess.

    Funnier still? My 7 and 5 year old brothers...LOVE it. They ask for it while they are eating an after school snack.


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