Sunday, October 26, 2008

There Is A Season

In the front of my house are two struggling trees. Two springs ago, 2007, we received a ton of rain, in fact our town flooded.

With that much rain, the two trees in the front became weak. The Mr. was the first to let go of one of his main branches. The branch had fallen on the neighbors driveway. Matt was at work, so I had to tend to the Mr's injury. I cried as I stripped him of his arm. A few days later, the Mrs., out of sympathy for her mate, let go of one of her branches. I cried again as I cleaned her up and hauled her appendage away. My husband and wife trees block the suns summers rays in an attempt to keep my house cool. They work hard but it's a battle they will not win; my house is too old and poorly insulated, yet they still try.

I've been watching the husband and wife very intently lately. The husband as begun the change. It's subtle, but also like a beacon. The Mrs. is following suit, last year she just let go without putting on a show. She let her husband take the spotlight.

Every year, the same thing happens. We take it in stride- the trees losing their leaves. If you live in the climate, it's like a birthday- it happens every year.

As I was cleaning my kitchen counter, I noticed the squirrel's pecan tree, in the back, was hurriedly letting go of his leaves- why the rush?

I began to think about my Dad's wife. She's Chinese. Where she grew up and lived as an adult, the leaves stay green, they never change. Her first fall in Oklahoma, my dad was away on business. I remember him calling me and telling me Christine was having a hard time. I asked why. He told me because of the season-fall. She wasn't used to seeing the trees 'die' and the world turn gray and sad and slow.

I remember that day. I remember having an epiphany if you will. This change happens every year, for the most of us, and I just take it for granted.

I grew up on the lake. If we went to Tulsa, we drove over the lake. If we went to school, we drove over the lake. No matter where I went, I had to drive over the lake to get there. What usually surrounds water? Trees, beautiful trees.

Growing up, I loved watching the trees out do each other in beauty.

I hope the Mr. and Mrs. can make it through the winter. I don't think I could handle losing them altogether.

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