Thursday, October 16, 2008

A New "Leaf"

At the turn of the summer season, Chloe turned over a new leaf.

She would go to her room, hide behind her crib, poop and then tell us to change her.

I thought, "hmm, maybe she's ready for a potty chair." Not wanting to buy one just yet, I borrowed one from a friend. It got a lot of "use." She was just sitting.

These are two examples of her innovative use of a potty seat; chairs. I have another video of her putting the potty on the couch, running around naked, and letting her animals take a turn 'pee peeing.' It's really funny, but I opted not to post it for her sake and yours.

This morning, I put Chloe Joy, CJ, in her room and put the baby gate up so I could get ready with out her sitting on her brother and squishing him. A few minutes go by, I walk by her room and I don't see her. I wait, but didn't say anything because I thought she might be pooping and I didn't want to scare her.

I finally say very softly, "Chloe?"
"Ok, but where are you?"
"Ok, honey, but where are you? I can't see you."

Then I see her little raccoon hands pry open the sliding closet door and she squeezes out from in between the crack in the doors, yelling, "I POOP!" She's not happy about it so I thought maybe she's constipated. Which is her fault because the child will only eat bread and cheese products. She'll eat raisins every once in a while and I try to give her oatmeal as much as possible.

So I lay her down to change her and she won't cooperate, so I know there's blockage.

"Chloe? Do you want to go to the potty?"
"Ya." She says very pitifully. I was shocked she usually says no.
"OK, let's go.... Which one do you want? Elmo or the chair?"
"Ok, yaa you can do it!! Go potty!"

She begins to change her mind only because I think it was hurting and she just wanted the diaper back. I begin the bribery process...

"If you go potty we'll go to Wal-Mart and buy a baby, I'll give you a cookie. Oh Momma has a baby for you if you'll go potty on the chair. Do you want a baby?"
"Yaa." she says oh so sadly. "Silky." So I run and grab silky and Elmo. "Hold you Momma." So I hug her and distract her with conversation.

Then I hear a noise, "Kerplunk." I lift her up and low and behold, she did it!!! Her first words after her feat? "Momma baby?" I laughed. Her second words? "Momma diaper."

She was worn out and ready for comfort and her new baby. So we did a jig in the bathroom, hugged, hi-fived, jigged some more, hi-fived some more, jumped, looked at it, looked at it again, she got to flush, I wiped her, and then we washed our hands.

I had a little Cabbage Patch kid I bought off QVC. They came in packages of 3. I gave one to my niece and Chloe had one, so she got the third as well.

We then called Daddy, and Papa Jim.

Then we danced some more and I let her watch cartoons.


  1. YEA Chloe! Good job punkin! Funny thing...Briley calls my Mom Momo!

  2. All right! It only gets better from here. On the other thing, I didn't really exprience that but I only breastfead Eli and not Nic. You might ask you doctor, they say if it hurts it's a good thing. Just let me know.

  3. aaaaahhh..the joys of potty training! The little things we celebrate!


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