Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy 6 Years!!

As I have mentioned before, I'm a journaler. So in honor of my 6th wedding anniversary. I busted out the journal I was keeping around the time I met Matt.

It's so fun to go back and re-read my thought and feelings. I'll share some of those entries with you later, but it's just so neat to see God working in my life and I have written proof of it.

Let me tell you about my Matt.

We met in college. His youngest brother and I had a lot of classes together and were good friends. One night, Tim, the brother, and I went to Oklahoma State University, OSU, for their worship night. (I can't for the life of me remember the name of it. I'm sure it will hit me around 12:00am.)

I go to Tim's house to pick him up; he lives with Matt. Tim introduces me, and Matt had the worst attitude. I remember thinking, "He must have an angry girlfriend or something cuz jeez." He wasn't blatantly rude, he just wasn't very nice, let's just say he was short.
Fast forward to the fall of 2001, I'm working at the YMCA. Matt would ALWAYS show up to work out during the hours I was working. Tim, Matt and I would play friendly games of racquetball. Tim began spending more time with his now wife, but then girlfriend and he quit being the middle man for me at racquetball. I remember thinking, "Well, now what?! I don't want Matt getting the wrong idea." (See I had sworn off dating.)

So Matt's always at the Y. One evening I was running on the treadmill. He passes by, "Hey Megan."

"Hey Matt, how are ya?" I say.

I notice out of the corner of my eye a female approaching him. She might as well have had her leg hiked and peed on him to mark her territory because when she saw me, boy she wasn't happy. She grabbed him, "Matt!!! Lets go!!."

As he walked away, I laughed, "Boy is she cranky and for nothing... because he said hi?"

December of 2001. I'm invited to Tim's wedding. I don't go. I didn't want anybody getting the wrong ideas. I didn't like Matt.

Once the new year rolls around, Matt starts showing up at the Y more often.

January 21st, 2002. My 22nd birthday. I'm walking out of my apartment to my car, on my way to work. I notice something on my windshield, "Crap, who is leaving notes on my car and why."

I open the card and it's a birthday card from Matt. (uhu-o, he's working on me.)

I tell my friend Jessica, who LOVES the idea of Matt and I together, so she does the whole investigative thing for me and learns, "Yes, yes Matt likes you (me)."

He'll say today that he knew what he was doing by telling Jessica because he knew she was a spy seeking information for me. She basically talked me into giving him a chance.

See I never thought I'd be blessed enough to marry a man like Matt. I thought because of my family background that I'd never marry a son of a preacher. He would never want to take me home to meet his preacher wife mom and preacher husband dad; Baptist no-doubt.

After many long long walks around UCO's track, we both decided we liked each other. I can remember the conversations and it makes my little heart go 'pitter patter.'

By March, 2002, we were 'dating.' I met the family that same month. In April, his sister got married. I remember sitting in the sanctuary waiting on the ceremony to start. Matt was walking down the aisle taking something to the front for his sister. I could hear some family members behind me talking,

"Which boy is that? Is that Tim?"
"No, I think that's Matthew."
"That poor boy, he isn't married yet?"
"No, he's not."

I just wanted to yell, "I'm marrying him, we just haven't made it official yet!!!!"

See I knew I would marry Matt soon after the birthday card.

By October 12, 2002, we were husband and wife.
(I'll share my journal entries later. We are off to Matt's parents. His youngest brother, Tim, is preaching at his Dad's church. Today will be filled with football and fun.)


  1. Yes, I did have my coffee, after all that I needed it. It is such a great feeling when you know down deep inside. Our 8th is coming up at the end of December, it doesn't seem like we have been married that long. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, hope you guys have a great day!!!

  2. This is so sweet Megan. I ALWAYS knew a great guy would snag you sooner than later and he'd be blessed by doing so! Thanks for sharing this. Happy 6 years!!

    I promise i will email you....I jump on and off the computer with not much time to catch up! This week is almost over and I will start getting back in touch with people...

  3. What is it called Overflow? That's where we would hang on Tuesday nights. We are hoping to see you guys on Tuesday! I can't believe I haven't met 'Pooper' yet! :-)

  4. I love your blog. Sometimes it makes me laugh and sometimes it makes me cry. Congrats on your 6year anniversary!


  5. AWE Megan, Happy Anniversary! BTW I still LOVE the thought of you two together! That was the best spy job EVER!

  6. happy anniversary! I love this post..share more:)

  7. Hey Megan, This was a great post. As I was reading it, it reminded me that Jake and I had started dating one month before you got your birthday card from Matt and you were married 10 months later and we were married 78 months later (6 1/2 years for those who don't do math.) Anyway, I love reading your blog. It is fun keeping up with that side of the family now that I'm in the family :). I can't wait to read more. Have a great week. Your new cousin-in-law Kara :).

  8. great story!!! i love hearing how people got together. oh and hey...we still go to tulsa "midtown"...we usually go to the 10 you all still drive into town for experiences? man...its been forever since we've seen you all!

  9. oh and happy anniversary! what a blessed 6 years!


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