Thursday, October 2, 2008

Energizer the Bunny

While at the boys ranch, I rescued a baby cotton-tail from the jaws of evil-literally. Well, not evil, but from the jaws. The jaws of a white lab.

This lab roamed freely around the ranch.

In the back of our house was a pond.

On one side of the pond was overgrown weeds and such.

One evening, I was sitting out by the pond, on the benches to the left,while the boys fished, played and goofed around.

I began to hear crying and squealing; it was an odd sound. I look to my left (By the wooden fence in the photo. It's in the middle in the back.) and I see the lab with a rabbit hanging out of his mouth!!! I yell his name, it doesn't distract him. He throws it back like a depressed man would a shot of vodka in a bar! With out hesitation!!

I take off!!

I get to him just as he is about to 'throw back' the second one!! I grab his mouth and pry it open and retrieve this...

I took him inside and bundle him up in a towel. I put the towel in a shoe box and tried to resemble a bunny hole; what ever that's called.

I called the vet. the next day and she told me to feed it carrots and milk. NOT to give it lettuce as one might think. Lettuce, oddly enough, is bad for a baby rabbit. It makes them bloat and they can die b/c they can't digest it. She said they usually don't live after an event like that, it usually stresses them out too much.

(Disregard my husband belly.)

He loved being on our stomachs and as gross as it may sound, he'd eat out of your belly button. haaha

I had this squirt syringe from having my wisdom teeth removed. I would fill it up with milk and he would drink it. So cute. I got up a few times a night to feed him, but later learned that the mother only feeds them during the day.

At night I would put him in my closet and hide carrots for him to find. In the morning, they would be all gone!

He loved small places and spaces. You had to keep a hand on him or he'd take off. When we had our days off, he came with us. Just like a baby, I would bring milk and carrots.

He loved sitting in your pocket. He'd snuggle up and go to sleep.

I kept him for a few weeks, until I realized he didn't want to live in a house. He wanted to live in the wild. It broke my heart and it was a tough decision, but the right one. He was getting too hard to catch and would scratch us trying to get away.

So I took him to the property line and let him go. I put carrots down just in case he got hungry. I cried and cried when he scurried away, but Matt kept reassuring me it was the right decision.

I wonder how little Energizer is doing today?

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