Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Adventures

Chloe at the patch in 07. I was pregnant with Cooper. This year, I did not dare do the patch with out Matt. I can remember how miserable I was last year and how hard it was lugging around myself, chasing Chloe and carrying two very large pumpkins. It was aweful, so aweful in fact, that when I got home this day, I cried and vowed to never do that again.But doesn't she look cute.

The pumkin patch this year... Notice Matt on Chloe's left. I told you I made a vow to never go back alone. Riding out to the patch.
It's hard to tell, but he had a runny nose.

"How bout this one?"

"Well, maybe not. I'll just sit on it."

"Or kiss it bye."

"How bout this one!!!"
"It's perfect Dad!"

"OK, so I'll sit on one and hold the other."

"It was heavy, so now I'll just pose."
"Daddy, you're silly."
" 'Sat, sat Momma?" (sat=what's that?)

"I see it! It's a ractor!!" (ractor=tractor)

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