Friday, October 31, 2008

Don't Blame It On The Rain

So I had a bad day yesterday. The type of day, you just want to stick the kids in their beds all day, sit on the couch eating ice cream and watch John and Kate or Monk ALL DAY LONG!!

I hate days like that, makes me feel guilty.

So when Matt got home, and I was literally counting down the minutes til his arrival, I told him I knew who and what to blame....

.... the Economy. (I capitalized it b/c it seems to be a real person according to some.)

Honestly, have you noticed how all the news channels update you on 'The Dow' and 'The S&P' like it's Dave and Jim.

Here are some examples, feel free to use the same examples in your everyday life:
(Names have not been changed to protect their identity.)
Chloe was slightly rude yesterday. "It's Economy's fault"
Cooper is snot nosed. "It's S&P's fault."
I was so tired yesterday. "Economy."
I grind my teeth at night. "Economy."
The trash man came early today. "Economy."
Dinner was late. "Economy."
The leaves are falling. "Must be that bad Economy."
Halloween is today. "Economy."
I can't lose the last 8 pounds. "Economy." Even if I starved? "Economy."
My dog at my homework. "Dow's fault."
The lines at Wal-Mart are crazy busy. "Again, Economy."
Tampa Bay didn't win the World Series. "Economy."
I responded to a mass email about an Oklahoma Law and everyone got mad and heated. "Economy."
My pillow isn't as fluffy as it used to be. "Economy."
My hair isn't getting as straight as it used to. "Economy."
My feet are a size 8.5. "Economy."
Cooper's poops stink. "Umm, that is both Dow and S&P."
Chloe pooped on the potty 6 times. "Economy."
I don't want to make dinner tonight. "Economy." (Think Matt will buy that?)
You get a speeding ticket, just tell the officer. "Sorry sir, but don't you realize it's Dow's fault I was speeding?"

So see, when your kids complain or your husband is late home from work, just tell them, "It's Economy's fault." Or if things are going good, blame Economy, Dow or S&P b/c as we all know now, our moods depend on it.

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