Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Was Tagged

So little Mrs. most beautiful voice, sweet heart and soul, Marla B. tagged me. I didn't know what I was supposed to do, but don't worry I have it all figured out. I am supposed to brag about my husband. It's funny this came to me. (I tag Daniele, Jessica, Nicole, & Jenn. P. If you gals want to-it'd be fuunnn.)

Our Bible Study group is doing 'Five Love Languages.' Last week we went over the language of receiving gifts. Matt and I do not have this language as our number 1 or 2. At group, we went in the circle and shared with everyone a gift our husbands got us that we really liked; our husbands had to do the same for us. I told of the time Matt got me stationaries for our first year anniversary. I was so so disappointed, but didn't tell him until 2 years later. He told me, "I worked hard on that gift. Tim (Matt's baby brother) told me the first year is the paper anniversary." It was so sweet. At Bible study I didn't get to fully brag about my sweet husband, I will do that now.
Matt loves Chloe Joy, Cooper and myself with so much love I think it renders him speechless.

The tulip is his favorite flower.

This is where we spent our honeymoon and 5 year anniversary. Big Cedar is where he loves to go and relax- with me of course. His birthday is in December, and I surprised him with an early birthday present-we're heading back to BC in December.

He has a passion for the outdoors; hunting, fishing, camping.... He really looks forward to taking Chloe and Cooper with him hunting and camping.

This is his all time favorite magazine, aka, toilet material.

Even though he's never been skiing; he loves Colorado and the mountains. He feels closer to God when he's engulfed in nature, so being in the mountains is a very special place.
This is a wig, BUT Matt once had a mullet. He loved it. His mom? Not so much. (This was in the early 90's. Not this picture, but his real mullet.)

A warm cup o coffee, especially with doughnuts or dessert.

He enjoys a yummy casserole, which I don't much care for so he rarely gets a yummy casserole.

Yogurt raisins are a weakness.

Matt also loves sitting in a deer stand. If he doesn't come home with a deer, he doesn't mind. He loves the smells, sounds, crisp morning air.....

...and watching the sun wake up.


  1. Great post!! Glad you figured it out! Sorry I didn't leave much instruction! :) I love the family picture! You look great and Cooper looks like such a big boy!! Adorable kids!

  2. Stopping by from 'the mom blogs'.

    What a beautiful family you have!

  3. Very beautiful family! Thanks now I have to find a whole bunch of pictures, but he will love it.

  4. oh yeah, forgot to tell you to have fun on your trip sounds like fun. Be very careful, last time Doug and I went on a trip for our anniversary, I came back pregnant with Eli.

  5. I still have some off the paper tim got me and that was almost 6 years ago=) I think thats the last thing he got me. ha ha

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  7. ok i will do it, but it might take me some time....busy week. I love the pic of the wig, we had so much fun in that store.


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