Friday, October 24, 2008


If you are wondering what those fabulouso letters stand for, well SCC=Steven Curtis Chapman and MWS=Michael W. Smith!!!

I've seen both of these guys two to three times EACH and they are super fantastic EVERY TIME!!

I have lots of favorite Christian artists and I don't like to list them b/c I don't want to hurt their feelings, BUT these two bring back lots of memories and they continue to help produce more memories in my life.

Last night, Matt and I went on our first date since Cooper was born. We have been with out Chloe but never without both, so last night was special. (I'd like to give a special 'shout-out' to my SIL, Amy, for watching my kids for me.)

As I was watching history in the making last night, SCC & MWS together for the first time EVER, I began to think and write rough drafts of my blog in my head. As I sit here at the keyboard with terrible posture and Cooper laughing in his crib behind me, I still can not describe last night to you.

I was in the shower, getting ready for the concert and I found myself praying for MWS and SCC, not that they would "do their job," but that they would be encouraged. I found myself praying for the families, lives and just them personally. I just wanted them to get on stage and feel welcome and feel good about being there.

I have posted before, how much I love music and how it has molded me into the woman I am today. I feel a closeness to God that I sometimes only feel when I listen to music, or certain songs. So you can imagine last night. I would become paralyzed with happiness and the feeling of not ever wanting to go home. I just wanted to listen all night. I wanted to take them with me. I wanted the moment to last forever. I wanted EVERYONE to leave so I could cry, sing louder, lift my hands higher and just make it last for eternity. There was an empty seat beside me the whole night, which was weird because the show was sold out. I truly believe the empty seat next to me was reserved for God and He alone.

I remember just praying for SCC while he was singing- praying for his family at home; his wife. I tried to record moments with Matt's cell phone, but it just isn't the same. Last night, was their first night singing together, Tulsa was the first stop on their tour and I guess I felt a little special.

I got online this morning to see if they were going to make a stop in OKC... They aren't. So I'm glad I saw them when I did. If you're town or a near by town, is a stop on their tour, I recommend going, you will not be sorry you went, you will only be sorry you didn't. They are only together for just under a month, so drive, fly, swim, hitchhike to the nearest location. Cash in your 401K to buy tickets, they (401K's) are worthless right now anyways, might as well make it work for you!!

I'll post later about the funny moments from last night. None of which involved the artists, so don't worry. Mainly, Matt, the lady behind me and a trash can.


  1. Sounds like such a great night! I would love to see those two together. I'm gonna' go check their touring schedule right now! Can't wait for the funny stories!! :)

  2. oh ya! I tagged you too! Check my blog!

  3. Glad you had a great time! I thought about you when I was reading the paper the other day and saw they were coming to town. It's good to have a night out without the kids every now and then.


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