Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just Keep Swimming

Matt and I joined the Y a few weeks ago, and I'm happy to report I have been going regularly. Notice the word in bold in the last sentence? In case you can't see it, it's the letter 'I.'

I have been going. Matt? Not so much. He does have an excuse though. He gets up at 5:30 am and doesn't get home until 6:00pm. He doesn't want to miss time playing with the kids.

Anyways, I had to post-pone my joining due to an untimely mis-step, literally. The stupid stairs in the back reached up and grabbed my ankle a few weeks ago and I have endured an injury. I attempted to power through on the treadmill, and did, but have succumb to the severe pain. So what am I doing instead?


I love swimming. BUT there is one thing that will make me turn and run from the pristine glass like beauty of a swimming pool... Cold water!!

Saturday was my first day doing laps since my brutal injury and since I was pregnant with Chloe, over 2 years ago.

I put my rather large and oddly misshaped, due to a high school injury, toe in the water-a test of temperature if you will. Ahhh, Allegra, it was nice and toasty!! I think I even thanked God out loud for the nice warm, tub like water!! The water was 84* and the air temp was 79*. Perfect for a pansy like me.

So I got after it... I swam 11 laps, down and back being one. I thought 22 laps was a mile, I was wrong, it's 32. I thought I had been swimming half a mile! I wasn't. I felt like such a slacker. See I'm slightly OCD when it comes to exercise. I HAVE to finish a certain way.

For example, if I run for time. I have to stop on the time being ??:00. It has to end in zero. So if I run 15 minutes. It has to be 15:00 on the dot, no more no less. If I run for distance, I run in increments of a half a mile. There is no stopping at 1.2 miles, I will go to 1.5, no matter how much it hurts. SO when I discovered the errors of my swimming math, I felt a little odd inside. I felt the need to jump in fully clothed, no lifeguard and finish the next 5 laps.

I was able to have some restraint though...

... the doors were locked.


  1. Love the title. The boys are watching "Finding Nemo" as I am reading this, they say that at the end of the movie. Good luck on your exercising, swimming sounds like fun. Definitely will not catch me in a bathing suit until my pilates rountine does a little more work on me (inner thighs, drat).

  2. Good job, getting back into swimming!

  3. I'm the same way when I'm running for time or distance...has to be even. I'm not that way about most things, but with exercise, I am. Even when lifting weights...I will force myself to do one more rep so it will be even. It's a sickness. :-)


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